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Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (8k 60fps)

Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (8k 60fps)

A nice straight forward deep zoom into the Mandelbrot Set with some nice shapes and structures appearing at magnification 1e124. The frames for this video were rendered with Ultra Fractal 6. The coloring is linear Mandelbrot, with a lighting effect added.

This video was created and uploaded by YouTube user Maths Town. Many more excellent fractal zooms are available there. See their YouTube channel for more.

The co-ordinates of the final image:

Re: -1.74910052372728893139257190897519162350086705009084014932879952538357036521448572336655187497147882098099098703936165441385416738949265

Im: -0.00034781681040860848288201654149008579426487640620291842473412498756596692238612317351024836599060137028311952298078246601736366418880955

Depth: 1e124

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