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Pretty Soon Now

A poem by Dr. Renaldo Recuerdo of hope and advice in the face of adversity, utilizing aphorisms and adages Any ...
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Sunfighter Inner Liner with “Pets” by Jack Traylor

The remarkable 1971 album "Sunfighter" by Paul Kantner & Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane includes a booklet created by Slick ...
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Leave The Hook In

Put me on the back burner Keep the fire turned down low Stir me slowly now and then Or I ...
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The Epitaph of Belle Starr

Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr (February 5, 1848 – February 3, 1889), better known as Belle Starr, was a notorious American outlaw. Belle associated ...
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Maiden Fairie Elven Queen

Brave she is And scared Delicate And strong Broken glass and rocks Surround her Battling dragons daily Her laughter overcomes ...
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Rub Some Butter On It

We are hoop dancersAt a roadside attractionWe are Westside distractionsOn a path that never ends We preheat, bake, moisten and ...
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