The Bodaciously Excellent Blog of Doctorwhen

Welcome – Who Am I – What Is This

Welcome – Who Am I – What Is This

Welcome to the Bodaciously Excellent Blog of Doctorwhen! Let me introduce myself, tell you a little about my areas of expertise and interests, and try to give you an overview of what to expect here. I hope you enjoy my posts and return frequently.

My name is Ronald Joe Record. I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma and have lived in Santa Cruz, California for most of my adult life. I moved to Santa Cruz to attend graduate school at the University of California where I obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializing in applications of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems – popularly known as Chaos Theory.

As such, many of my posts are related to the field of Chaos Theory and its applications. Many posts provide various views of fractals, infinitely self-similar, iterated, and detailed mathematical constructs having fractional dimension.

Here are a few of my areas of expertise and interest and what you can expect to see based on these:

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics – Fractal images and videos
  • B.A. in Political Science – Posts on politics, climate change, etc
  • Rainbow Hippie – Posts on hippies, alternative community, freedom
  • Music Collector – Posts on musical artists, new releases, old favorites
  • 70s Audio Enthusiast – Posts on my restoration of vintage audio gear
  • Software – Posts on my 30 years in Unix & Linux systems development
  • Hobbyist – Reviews of gadgets & products I play with
  • Open Source – My experiences as an Open Source Solutions Architect
  • Photography – Artistic renditions of digitally modified photographs
  • Raconteur – Stories, anecdotes, poems, and fictional prose


Let me know what you think