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In mathematics, a fractal is a subset of a Euclidean space for which the Hausdorff dimension strictly exceeds the topological dimension. Here however, we attempt to provide a visual introduction to fractals that does not require any mathematics.

Fractals are infinitely self-similar, iterated, and detailed mathematical constructs having fractional dimension, of which many examples have been formulated and studied in great depth. Fractals are not limited to geometric patterns, but can also describe processes in time. Fractal patterns with various degrees of self-similarity have been rendered or studied in images, structures and sounds and found in nature, technology, art, architecture and law. Fractals are of particular relevance in the field of chaos theory, since the graphs of most chaotic processes are fractals.

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The Buddhabrot Fractal, Mandelbrot Set, and The Logistic Map

The Buddhabrot is a fractal rendering technique related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its pareidolic resemblance to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation pose with a forehead mark (tikka) and traditional topknot (ushnisha).…

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Big Lyapunov Exponent Bug

Fractal visually depicting the Lyapunov exponents of an iterated map of the plane. Generated with a fractal software laboratory written by Dr. Ronald Joe Record. I find it interesting that,…

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Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (8k 60fps)

A nice straight forward deep zoom into the Mandelbrot Set with some nice shapes and structures appearing at magnification 1e124. The frames for this video were rendered with Ultra Fractal…

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Electric Sheep HD Fractal Animation

Electric Sheep is a distributed computing project for animating and evolving fractal flames, which are in turn distributed to the networked computers, which display them as a screensaver. It’s crowd sourced evolving art. Below is…

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Frax Fractal Compilation

A short video I made combining several fractals generated with Frax HD on my iPad. These illustrate some of the features of Frax including zoom, lighting, textures, panning, and spinning…

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My YouTube Playlists

I’m adding many of my YouTube playlists here, both in the sidebar and as pages reflected in menus elsewhere. Here is the current list of pages containing YouTube playlists: In…

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Mandelbox Trip – 3D Mandelbrot Fly Through

Key-frame animation test in Mandelbulber. Animation was rendered using Mandelbulber 0.80 Mandelbox Trip video © Copyright by Krzysztof Marczak

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Mandelbulb Flight

A super cool zoom into a 3D Mandelbrot Set (z^8+c Mandelbulb)

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Mandelbox Zoom

An amazing zoom on the Mandelbox made with Mandelbulb 3D v1.53 and VirtualDub. In mathematics, the mandelbox is a fractal with a boxlike shape found by Tom Lowe in 2010. It is defined in…

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