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An Enigma Wrapped in Bacon

An Enigma Wrapped in Bacon

She’s an enigma wrapped in bacon
She’s truthful even when she’s fakin’
Many hearts she has forsaken
And now, hers too is tossed and taken

She’s a puzzle wrapped in pemmican
An inscrutable remonstration
Defenestrating the ugly American
Dancing naked with Pan in the Vatican

A conundrum enclosed in a flapjack
She carries her doubts in a dark brown gunny sack
Wrapped with twine from the hair of a riddle’s back
She cooks them with wine and bemused bewilderment

She giggles when she’s mad
Says she lives in Dangling, Chad
Carved Andy Warhol’s face in a Brillo pad
She’s warmest when scantily clad

She’s an answer in need of a question
A prudent proposition lacking discretion
A detour around a wandering digression
A non-conforming idiomatic expression

She’s a dilemma wrapped in a pickle
Stuffs her pillows with toys and a tickle
Believes she can be unswervingly fickle
Puts stripes on her hammer and stars on her sickle

An enigma wrapped in bacon
Wrapped in a riddle, stirred not shaken
Cloaked in conundrums, half of them taken
Her slumber awakens the sleeping Jamaican

Written February 9, 2005 by Ronald Joe Record

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