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How I Kissed Grace Slick

Visiting Enid with my girlfriend Swarloka in the Summer of 1975 we saw that Jefferson Starship was playing in Tulsa ...
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Rub Some Butter On It

We are hoop dancersAt a roadside attractionWe are Westside distractionsOn a path that never ends We preheat, bake, moisten and ...
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The Wizard of Golden

In the late 1970's i participated in the Rainbow Family Tribal Gatherings. After the 1978 gathering in Oregon a few ...
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Campbell, Texas Ranger

[Ed. Most of the accounts of these events and persons were taken from the book "Tumbleweed Treck" by Stella Campbell ...
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Interview With Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey / Tim Leary “debate”

The following was transcribed from a tape of an interview I conducted with Dr. Timothy Leary upon his arrival in ...
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The Spirit World

Medicine Story walked on The Path That Stands on Two Legs. His Uncle, the Sun, was coming up over the ...
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Sushi Sex and Death

Splayed and Filet'd Naked and Layed          Ginger and spice          Soy sauce and rice Alive and yet Dead Sumptuous ...
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The Hippie T.A. and The Nuclear Mathematician

In 1974 I was a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. I was working ...
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How to Build a Chickee and Talk to Cockroaches

Characters in and around the swamps and rivers of north central Florida were as plentiful as paw-paws in a paw-paw ...
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