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Mandelbulb Flight

A super cool zoom into a 3D Mandelbrot Set (z^8+c Mandelbulb) ...
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Flame Thrower vs. Fire Extinguisher

Hilarious music video pitting a flame thrower versus a fire extinguisher. Plus, hey, those teeth are gnarly ...
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Mandelbox Zoom

An amazing zoom on the Mandelbox made with Mandelbulb 3D v1.53 and VirtualDub. In mathematics, the mandelbox is a fractal with a boxlike shape ...
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Michael Hedges Tribute “You Were Always There” by Don Record

Michael Hedges has appeared on the cover of every major guitar magazine, winning Guitar Player’s readers’ poll award for “best ...
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“Intro / Updated” – Deth Specula

Deth Specula ( parodies The Ramones classic with an IT twist. Clip includes the bizarre intro to the compilation video ...
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“Surfbowl” – Deth Specula

Deth Specula ( parodies R.E.M. in this, one of the finest bowling rock videos of all time. Includes a behind ...
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“Anarchy At SCO” – Deth Specula

Deth Specula ( provides us with a treatment of the Sex Pistols' classic only with an SCO twist. Includes an ...
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“Santa Claus Is Coming (To Town)” – Deth Specula

Deth Specula ( delivers a Christmas classic in their own inimitable fashion. This clip includes an introduction and the closing ...
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Deth Specula Unplugged Pt 3 of 3

An unplugged Deth Specula performance at one of Tim's graduation parties at my house. Steve Bordwell sits in on bongos ...
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