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Spotify vs Apple Music: Which Streaming Service Should You Use

I was not a streamer, now I am. I wasn't using a streaming service until my daughter and her friends ...
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Look what’s happening on Twitter!

Look what’s happening on Twitter! #pinkfloyd #claypoollennondelirium #twitter ...
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Father & Son Chill Moment

Here I am chilling with the famous Chris Record where I learned he gets all his ideas about what’s trending ...
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John Street Beach Psychedelic Lichen

A digitally modified photo I took near John Street Beach in Santa Cruz, California. Modified with The GIMP. This photograph ...
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San Lorenzo High Psychedelic Oak Trees

A photo I took of some oak trees on the campus of San Lorenzo Valley High School. Digitally modified the ...
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Outside My Front Door

My succulent front door greeters, a variety of succulents and other plants arranged on cedar benches and planters behind a ...
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This fern is doing well

This fern is doing well in my backyard snuggled up against the rear of my workshop. Thus far it seems ...
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My California 2018 Smoke & Fires Self

My California 2018 Smoke & Fires self is way cooler than my normal self #californiafires #selfie ...
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Father Son Moment

Chris Record and father Ron Record enjoying a moment ...
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